ezoic adsense update 2022 : ezoic ad network company update: ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022 2

ezoic adsense update 2022 : ezoic ad network company update: ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022


ezoic adsense update 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022 Intelligent Technology For Exceptional Content update 2022. google ezoic adsence company 2022. google ezoic company 2022 Ezoic AI removes guesswork; giving every visitor a better experience while increasing revenue automatically. ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022  read by pdf

ezoic adsense update 2022 : ezoic ad network company update

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ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022

Control Intelligent, High-Earning Monetization
Ezoic gives you complete control … they provide everything needed for premium monetization and all final decisions are left up to you.”


Drive Results With Innovative Insights
Ezoic delivers invaluable insights about UX and revenue. It identifies why articles are engaging or high-earning… armed with this knowledge, we now create more profitable content


Grow Faster Using Sophisticated, Data-Driven Features
Keeping the user experience intact is what pushed me toward Ezoic. The features for site speed and data analytics are grossly underrated. Truly built for intelligent website owners.

ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022

Grow Faster With Grants & Investments From Ezoic

  • Ezoic re-invests in customers via grants and other investments
  • Over $12.4M committed to customers to fund further site growth
  • Avg. sites see 50-250% growth in revenue and 90% YoY growth in traffic
  • Ezoic Levels provides the best ad partners and guarantees highest earning display ads available


Built for every size and type of site. Ezoic guarantees the highest revenue and best UX

Less than 10,000 Visitors.

Provides Monetization capabilities to growing sites, with less than 10,000 visits. Sites get additional educational resources and features to help them grow

Publishers With Less Than 10,000 Visits Still Win Big
Are you a publisher with less than 10,000 monthly site visits? Our success stories aren’t just one-off events. We give you the tools you need to make a real, lasting change when it comes to your site and revenue growth. Take a look for yourself.  Learn More.

No pageview limitations :No fake exclusivity
Ezoic Access Now fulfills the true vision for the Ezoic platform—scaling our technology to make it available to all sites (no matter their size) and educating customers to confidently ditch 3rd party dependencies.


ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022

Empowered by Education: Self-Serve Onboarding

  • Take basic badge prep courses to learn about integration
  • Complete cloud integration to start the review process
  • Take badge prep courses for the features you want to use
  • Earn certification badges to unlock features
  • Put your education to practice and begin with Ezoic

Join Now : Click Here


More than 10,000 Visitors

Each level provides additional ad partners, a highest revenue guarantee, additional benefits, and progressive resources in the form of dedicated staff and experts  Learn More.



Everything Needed To Intelligently Monetize, Produce, and Market Content… Even While You’re Sleeping.

  • Monetization: Balance UX and revenue using machine learning
  • SEO & Analytics: Easily analyze and test content like never before
  • UX & Site Speed: Improve UX and optimize Core Web Vitals.
  • Video: Build valuable audiences using video on your site



  • access ad networks Access all the top ad networks & partners
  • Allow AI to increase revenue, improve UX
  • Unlock premium benefits as you grow


Ensures a site’s highest-earning potential is reached

Access to top-performing ad partners, connect existing ad networks, automate ad testing, and unlock other premium monetization solutions as you grow.  Learn More


ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022

SEO & Analytics

  • Revenue by topics and queries
  • Author and SEO performance insights
  • Real-world engagement by word count and more
  • View why pages are high-earning or low-earning
    Learn More



Proven Tools For Increasing Search Ranking Position

  • Testing title tags offers major improvements to how sites rank in search results.
  • Ezoic uses sophisticated data science models designed just for SEO to allow sites to easily test and implement better title tags.
  • Learn More


Tell Me About Ezoic Levels…


How are visits and revenue calculated?

Ezoic uses the previous month’s total visits and total revenue from all the sites active within a publisher’s Ezoic account.


If a publisher is creating a new account and adding a site to Ezoic for the first time, we’ll automatically calculate the site’s traffic based on estimates from 3rd-party databases.

If a site is eligible for Access Now (less than 10,000 visits), it’ll be assigned immediately and be able to begin the onboarding program offered inside of Access Now.

If a site is estimated to have above 10,000 visits, we’ll add it to the appropriate level during onboarding and integration. Sites will see level pending prior to assignment and can expect appropriate onboarding channels and resources to become available to them automatically after signing-up.


Will a site earn more revenue at higher levels?

Yes. In fact, Ezoic guarantees that sites using Ezoic Monetization will be able to earn more ad revenue using Ezoic, and our technology, at their respective level than they could without Ezoic.

Sites can use Ezoic’s Traffic % settings to split-test traffic vs. any other form of “ad stack” or ad services/products. This is the only way that visits, ad density, and other comparisons can be made apples to apples. This ensures sites always earn the maximum revenue available according to their preferences in a data-driven way that always aligns with a publisher’s best interests.

ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022


How does Ezoic determine if a site is eligible for visit and revenue requirements reserved for Ezoic customers vs. non-Ezoic publishers (new accounts)?

Ezoic accounts that have had a site active for more than 90 days are eligible for Ezoic customer requirements. This includes accounts that may not currently be active or may not currently have sites integrated.

Only brand new Ezoic accounts will be subject to non-Ezoic customer requirements until they reach 90-days active with Ezoic.


What if a site/account uses Ezoic for 90-days, then is it eligible for Ezoic customer visit and revenue requirements?

Yes. After any account (new or old) has a site active and integrated for at least 90 days, it is eligible for level requirements reserved for Ezoic customers.



What onboarding resources are available for new sites?

Site’s with visits equal to those associated with Level 2-4 may see level pending prior to receiving contact from dedicated onboarding teams and specialists to assist. Level 1 sites will be automatically provided with onboarding resources available to them shortly after sign-up.


How do publishers know what level their site(s) are in?

Ezoic will display what level an account is in on their main dashboard. From there, they can go to their “Levels Dashboard” to see progress toward their next level and the dedicated resources available to them for support, consultation, and all additional resources provided.


If a site is in Access Now, when will they be graduated into Level 1?

Ezoic will detect when an account meets the necessary criteria for Level 1 and automatically transition their account into Level 1 once they have at least one month fulfilling the minimum Level 1 requirements.


How do accounts/site(s) move up a level?

Publishers will be able to apply to the next level in their Levels Dashboard when logged into their Ezoic account.

Once eligible for the next level, publishers will be notified in their dashboard that they meet criteria for the next level and should apply.

Sites can also apply early in their dashboard  if they believe they are eligible or have additional circumstances that would make them eligible for a level upgrade.


What if an account is assigned the wrong level?

In most cases, Ezoic is able to appropriately assign all accounts the correct level since total revenue and total visits are recorded and available for the previous month within Ezoic.

If a site believes this is incorrect, they can apply to a higher level in their Levels Dashboard even if Ezoic has not detected that they are eligible.

Ezoic provides an open text box in the levels application for additional details and information to explain why a publisher believes they are in the wrong level. Currently, sites can only apply once for a level upgrade prior to being detected as eligible at each level.


What if a new site or account is assigned the wrong level?

New accounts/sites will be reviewed after the sign-up process and will be manually upgraded if our Levels Application Team determines they belong in a higher level than the one assigned.


Will accounts move down a level if they fall below requirements?

Not immediately. If a site has their total visits and total revenue for fall below the minimum requirement for their level (for the previous month), Ezoic will notify the publisher that they’ve fallen below the requirement.

If an account has not removed any sites within their account since moving to a higher level, Ezoic will give publishers up to 12 months to meet minimum requirements again. Once the account is above the minimum threshold for their current level again, the publisher will be secured in their existing level.

If after 12 months, if an account is unable to meet minimum requirements for their level for at least one month, the account will be moved down to the appropriate level.


What if an account removes a site and no longer meets their level’s minimum requirement?

If an account has removed any sites within their account since moving to a higher level, Ezoic will give the publisher 30 days to meet minimum requirements for their current level. If the site that was removed is re-added within the 30-day window, Ezoic will extend the window of time to meet minimum requirements to 12 months.

If after 30 days, an account is unable to meet minimum requirements for their level (and the removed site is not re-added to the account), the account will be moved down to the appropriate level.


What if an account drops below the minimum requirement, is able to meet the requirement within 12 months, but falls below the requirement again?

If an account has another month that falls below the requirements for their level, and no sites have been removed from the account, the publisher will be notified and given another 12 months to meet minimum requirements.



Is there a way to move up levels faster?

Yes. Ezoic provides a free coaching and training program that includes classes and a community designed to help publishers accelerate and grow faster with the help of other successful Ezoic publishers and Ezoic’s expert staff.

This is designated as the Level-Up program and is available within the Levels Dashboard.


What if I have multiple Ezoic accounts, can I combine them?

Publisher’s should never have 2 Ezoic accounts. This is against Ezoic and Google ad policy; however, if for any reason you have more than 1 active account, Ezoic can combine them if you contact support for assistance and explain why there is more than 1 account.

Publishers that have a pattern of creating additional accounts or combining accounts risk being permanently banned from both Ezoic , any other Google Certified Publishers Partners, and Google AdSense / Google Ads Manager.


What if an account removes all sites and returns later, will it be able to re-enter its previous level upon return?

Accounts will be subject to the revenue and visit minimums for their current level regardless of if they have any sites active in them or not (see above). If sites are removed, accounts will have 30 days to re-add them or meet level requirements before being moved down to the appropriate level.

If sites are brought back after 30 days, and the account has been moved down a level, the account will have to meet eligibility criteria again and re-apply for a higher level.


How do sites qualify for an invite to VIP?

There are a fixed number of VIP invites each month. The requirements for VIP start with exceeding $10,000 in monthly revenue on a regular basis. Publishers with long-standing Ezoic accounts and Premium subscription plans are given priority for new invites.


How do sites get invited to Ezoic Premium within these levels?

For Premium, accounts are eligible to join our waitlist for onboarding new sites to premium in Level 1. All customers designated to Level 2 or higher that are fully-eligible for Premium will have sites automatically reviewed for eligibility. If so, they’ll have a chance to try it free to ensure the program meets their goals.


Premium is not available to Access Now publishers, and not all Level 1 publishers will receive invites due to the high volume of requests.


How often can an account apply to a higher level?

At each level, sites will have the ability to apply to a higher level in their Levels Dashboard. Once an application is received, if requirements are met or details are provided that suggest the account should be eligible for the next level, they’ll be moved to a higher level.

If a site does not meet requirements Ezoic will notify them once they do and provide them the ability to move to a higher level.


Are French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Russian language accounts eligible for Levels?

Not currently. Ezoic’s product and service offering to each of these markets is already tailored in many ways to those markets, sites, and accounts. In the future, we’ll have a similar form of the levels available in these markets as well.


Will other publishers be able to see my level?

Accounts can choose whether or not they’d like for their sites or accounts to remain anonymous in programs or leaderboards that allow sites to see how others are performing or allows them to interact and learn from each other.


How long does it take to advance levels?

Every site is different.There’s no standard for how long sites could be at a particular level. The levels are based on objective metrics associated with how well a publisher is performing overall.

google ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022

How The Ad Revenue Index Works

Online publishers often lack transparency regarding how their display ad rates are doing when compared to the rest of the market. Digital publishers experience natural fluctuations in their earnings from ads but most have trouble understanding if their increases (or decreases) in revenue over a particular time frame are specific to their site, or something affecting all sites. The Ad Revenue Index takes a statistically relevant sampling of global sites (of all sizes and demographics) and collectively indexes their ad earnings and displays them in a running real-time aggregate.

The Ad Revenue Index is a single metric served as a baseline to describe the state of the online advertising marketplace on any given day. Each day, the index calculates a daily index score by strategically sampling across our dataset of online ad impressions and consolidates the data into a single number on a 1 to 100 scale.

The index can help publishers determine if their ad revenue increases or declines are the result of universal market conditions or the result of something occuring within their own site.


The index was built by data scientists that work at Ezoic. Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner that provides publishers with a free machine learning platform to test, optimize, and enhance their websites.

The Ezoic platform includes a flagship application that leverages artificial intelligence to test and deliver the optimal ad combinations to each individual user that visits a publisher’s website. The application, Ad Tester, gives publishers the ability to maintain all existing ad relationships (ad networks, header bidding, AdSense, etc.), while providing the ability to deliver multivariate tested – and statistically better performing – ad combinations to each individual user who visits a page.

Ezoic created the index to help publishers better understand and contextualize their own data. At Ezoic, we believe that data should drive your most important decisions.



Contact Us

For support visit support.ezoic.com or login to Ezoic to view additional support channels available to your account.  Click Here

google ezoic adsense 2022 : ezoic ad network company : ezoic earnings premium dashboard 2022


Ad Revenue Index FAQ

1. When is the index updated?

We aim to have the index updated by 9:30 am Pacific Time every day. Sometimes, however, due to delayed reporting for ad networks, the index is updated later in the day.

2. What does the value on the chart REALLY mean?

The index score is a representation of EPMVs of thousands of online publishers, big and small, across all verticals.

3. Why EPMV?

You can read more about that here.

4. What time zone is the data in?

The index data is reported in US Central time.

5. How do you know that this really represents the entire market?

We have a unique view of advertising prices across a wide variety of online publishers. Our data scientists have developed advanced statistical methods to best characterize the daily fluctuations of online advertising revenue.

6. Why did the index value change?

Each day, we publish an initial score based on preliminary data from our ad networks. The following day, we finalize all of our data and, if necessary, update the index score from the previous day.



What is the review process?

While we’ve abandoned the pageview limitation requirement, sites will be reviewed to ensure they comply with our basic ad policy.

What is the $100-bonus raffle?

Publishers who earn all 3 badges (basic, monetization, speed) will automatically be entered in a raffle to win a one-time, $100 bonus. At the end of each quarter, we will randomly draw 3 publishers and issue bonus payments.

How do I unlock features with badges?

You will need to pass (75%+) the badge certification tests to earn your badges and unlock respective features.

What if I don’t pass? That’s okay. Test attempts are unlimited, but wait times between attempts do apply.

Do I need an AdSense account to use Ezoic?

No. Ezoic does not require sites to have an AdSense account to use Ezoic. If you have an existing AdSense account, you can link it to Ezoic.

How do I get support?

Accelerated Support: We encourage you to primarily use the collaborative learning communities—Twist channels—to search for your question. If you don’t see your question, please start a new thread. Our team members in Twist are eager to help you!

We also recommend bookmarking Ezoic’s Knowledge Base which has an abundance of helpful articles.

What are the wait times between test attempts?

If you do not pass the basic, monetization or speed badge certification test, wait times below apply:

  • If your score was above 65% but less than passing (75%), you will have to wait 12 hours in between attempts.
  • If your score was 65% or less, you will have to wait 24 hours in between attempts.

Will serving ads with Ezoic slow my site down?

Technically speaking, all ads slow sites down, no matter where they come from, but we combat that with Ezoic Cloud. As an Ezoic Access Now member, your site automatically serves display ads using cutting-edge server-side technology, making ads fast and Core Web Vital friendly.

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